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Please note that instructors are subject to change and not all instructors teach in each session of the program. Bocconi University, faculty member of the international degree programs.

Expertise in the fields of change management, organizational design, innovation processes ICT mediated, management of professionals, responsible leadership, management consulting.

He conducted several international change management workshops and projects with top executive teams. She is an expert in leadership and she helps organizations and managers to better understand how organizational contexts affect individual behaviors, with a particular focus on integrity and responsibility. His areas of expertise include social network, organizational status and reputation, and organizational change. He conducted numerous workshops and consulting projects in Europe, Asia and North America.

Licensed psychologist and psychotherapist, trainer and coach. She worked as consultant with international top management in defining and managing mayor change processes and developed and conducted workshops in Europe and Asia.

As a sports psychologist she has prepared Italian sport teams and individual athletes for the Olympics. Beyond her extensive teaching experiences with university students, Bettina designs and facilitates executive development program across the world on issues on managing people globally. She worked for a large variety of companies and organizations.

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Skip to main content. Important: This course is expired. Good news: you can find other courses like it here. Who should attend Managers who lead people in a multinational company Managers of medium-sized firms going through internationalization processes Project managers accountable for inter-functional or international projects Managers who have international responsibilities or are going to embrace international assignments Managers who lead global and geographically dispersed teams Course information from SDA Bocconi School of Management.

Vincenzo Perrone Professor of Organization Theory. Ferdinando Pennarola Associate Professor. Celia Moore Faculty. Fabrizio Castellucci Professor. Beatrice Bauer Professor.We study how the reputation and status of resource providers affect the two organizational outcomes of product quality and revenues, hiring decisions, and prices paid to resource providers. We argue that reputation and status have different effects on outcomes: reputation has a stronger effect on product quality, and status has a stronger effect on revenues.

fabrizio castellucci

Building on this, we argue that actual quality mediates the effect of reputation on revenues more than the effect of status on revenues. Moreover, reputation and status have different effects on how organizations acquire resources: when their product quality is low relative to their aspiration level, organizations will display a preference for recruiting high-reputation resource providers over high-status ones.

Conversely, organizations will display a preference for recruiting high-status resource providers over high-reputation ones when their revenue is low relative to their aspiration level. Finally, although both reputation and status have positive effects on the price paid for a resource, we argue that the relationship between reputation and pay is weaker for high-status resource providers. We find support for our hypotheses in a sample of NBA players and teams.

Learn About the New eReader. Downloaded 87 times in the past 12 months. Published online 19 July Published in print 1 April The two authors contributed equally to this article. We would like to thank Associate Editor Tim Pollock and the three anonymous reviewers for their valuable guidance and suggestions throughout the review process. All errors and omissions are ours.

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Stardom and talent. American Economic Review75 : — Google Scholar Barney J.

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Firm resources and sustained competitive advantage. Journal of Management17 : 99— Google Scholar Baum J. Dancing with strangers: Aspiration performance and the search for underwriting syndicate partners.

Administrative Science Quarterly50 : — Google Scholar Bender P.

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Patricia's various basketball stuff. Accessed December Google Scholar Benjamin B. Status, quality, and social order in the California wine industry. Administrative Science Quarterly44 : — Google Scholar Castellucci F. What's in it for them? Advantages of higher-status partners in exchange relationships. Academy of Management Journal53 : — Academy of Management Journal51 : —Status, defined as the relative position of an actor in a hierarchical order, and reputation—a rough signal of future quality based on past quality—are unquestionably two of the most extensively studied intangible assets in organizations and markets.

Recent results now show that they might have different effects on organizational outcomes, shaping product quality and firm revenues in heterogeneous ways. The authors offer evidence that reputation and status have different effects on outcomes: namely, reputation has a stronger effect on product quality, whereas the effect of status is more prominent on revenues. The NBA represents an ideal setting for studying status and reputation dynamics, in that the quality of players can be appraised through a detailed analysis of their in-game performance, while straightforward measures for status and reputation can easily be envisaged.

Reputation and status for individual players are in fact measured through average performance in the past three seasons and player awards received, respectively. The actual in-court performance of the team also matters, however, in that it mediates the above relationships, particularly with respect to the reputation-ticket income linkage.

The empirical results obtained by the authors are highly relevant for both organization theory and actual practice, in that they extend our understanding of the benefits that organizations have in obtaining resources from high-reputation and high-status resource providers, and how reputation and status determine hiring and pay decisions.

Also, the conclusions reached can be extended beyond the boundaries of the study, suggesting—for instance—that while hiring high-reputation CEOs often comes at a substantial cost, their impact on firm revenues might be insignificant.

Paolo Pin highlights social mechanisms that make containment policies effective or ineffective. Fabrizio Castellucci. If you continue navigating on the site, please expressly accept the uses of these cookies. How Does History Matter? Seminar presentation by Prof. Where Has All the Data Gone? Trade and Trees.Bocconi University. Corporate social capital and liability, Industrial and Corporate Change 26 1, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University Industrial and Corporate Change 29 2, Academy of Management Proceedings 1, Managing Knowledge Integration Across Boundaries, What's in it for them?

Choosing ties from the inside of a prism: Egocentric uncertainty and status in venture capital markets JM Podolny, F Castellucci Corporate social capital and liability, Who shall get more? How intangible assets and aspiration levels affect the valuation of resource providers G Ertug, F Castellucci Strategic Organization 13 1, Journal of neuroimmunology, Stir it up: how master-apprentice relationships affect the similarity of product offerings in high-end restaurants F Castellucci, B Slavich Industrial and Corporate Change 29 2, High-status affiliations and the success of entrants: new bands and the market for live music performances, A Piazza, DJ Phillips, F Castellucci Organization Science, Essere leader F Castellucci Egea Knowledge, uncertainty, and the boundaries of the firm.

fabrizio castellucci

Evidence from a study of Formula One racing constructors. Endogenous association in contests with inequality effects of status C Panico, F Castellucci Academy of Management Proceedings 1, The drawbacks of working as a supporting act have long been evident anecdotally, without recourse to data. That is rarely the case now, not least because very few artists have labels willing to stump up the cash.

The other thing that has changed in the past 40 years is the amount of data available. Now those who work with bands can assess the impact of support slots: they can check social media to see if anyone is talking about the band; they can check streaming services to see if there has been an increase in listeners in the city the band played.

The reality, usually, is that there is very little difference. Some booking agents now even advise bands against taking support slots. So why do bands do it?

For some, it is a chance to gain experience playing larger venues than they could headline in their own right.

The Authenticity of the One Guiding the Team

For others, it is the prestige of the very biggest gigs—the supports at Rolling Stones shows are almost always capable of filling smaller arenas in their own right—and because they might be able to sell some excess merchandise.

Sometimes there are more quotidian reasons: a group might take a support tour in another country just to get flights paid, so they can then book their own headline shows. The real importance of the support slot is not to the opening band: it is to the promoter and the venue.

The perfect support band is the one that can make the difference between a decent house and a sell-out, and get people in the room early to buy beer. If they are musically complementary to the headliner, all the better. For supporting acts themselves, the real difference tends to be made not at arena gigs, but at smaller shows, where fans are more engaged with the music and not simply out for the razzmatazz.

The mutual reinforcement of cool bands endorsing each other helped all of them, and all of them are now headliners. It is possible that might be the best thing that happens to them all night. Books, arts and culture Prospero. Reuse this content The Trust Project. Sins of omission The National Gallery offers a powerful but partial view of transgression. The best of our journalism, hand-picked each day Sign up to our free daily newsletter, The Economist today Sign up now.The new Business Class seat for its Boeing 777 fleet was touted as a game changer for Emirates.

Unfortunately, it left many frequent flyers underwhelmed.


With the new design, Emirates has eventually introduced a fully-flat seat for its 777 aircraft. But it maintained a 2-3-2 layout without direct aisle access for all passengers.

The devices allow Cabin Crew to quickly take custom orders from passengers and then beam requests straight to the galley. Emirates should have the devices rolled out across the entire network by the end of the year. Emirates is slowly being left behind by other airlines who already offer this service to passengers.

Emirates President, Tim Clark has spoken of Premium Economy several times over the past year. Clark recently said a full analysis would be completed by April.

Expect the new Premium Economy Class to be announced in the next few months. But, Premium Economy has been hugely successful on many European legacy airlines. Is Emirates going for a more understated and grown-up look. That certainly seems to be the theme from its latest cabin upgrades.

The bar was first unveiled at industry trade show ITB Berlin earlier this year and is said to take inspiration from luxury private yachts. We predict future design elements to have a subtle nod to stripped back elegance.

Emirates famously has an all widebody fleet of Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-300 aircraft, with the last A330 and A340 aircraft being retired from service last year. But as the airline suffers dwindling passenger numbers and rising costs, their hand might be forced.

However, we do know that senior pilots were evaluating both the twin-aisle Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 as contenders last year. Again, this is another prediction that has come straight from Tim Clark. But new Gulf services may only be possible once Emirates has taken delivery of some smaller jets. Both Emirates and flydubai are owned by the government of Dubai. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the Chairman of Emirates recently said he was looking at greater synergies between the two airlines.

The Centre for Aviation (CAPA) has suggested Emirates could avoid establishing its own narrowbody fleet by simply merging with flydubai. It cites the fact that Qatar Airways is operating a diverse range of aircraft sizes and flying to 49 additional destinations to Emirates as reasons for its continued success, compared to its Dubai-based rival.

Clark has spoken of introducing upgraded meal choices, chauffeur drive on a pay basis and additional luggage fees. In an attempt to stem the losses, Emirates has been making a series of cutback and these are likely to continue over the next 12-months.

What else can go. It will be difficult for Emirates to get this right. Cut too much and you risk looking penny-pinching and mean.

fabrizio castellucci

And finally, for now, at least it looks like Cabin Crew will be looking the same. There had been speculation that the company was actively working on a brand new look for its staff. But plans for an updated uniform to take flight anytime soon have been put on the back-burner. Mateusz Maszczynski is a serving international flight attendant with experience at a major Middle East and European airline.

Mateusz is passionate about the aviation industry and helping aspiring flight attendants achieve their dreams. Cabin crew recruitment can be tough, ultra-competitive and just a little bit confusing - Mateusz has been there and done that.

He's got the low down on what really works.

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fabrizio castellucci

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